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About us

At Airlango, we strive to create a UAV experience of flying autonomously, spotting locations for take-off and landing, identifying and entertaining its user, so that a true enjoyment of the surroundings is within reach.

Founded in 2015 by internationally respected researchers in artificial intelligence, control, algorithms and software, Airlango’s mission is to enable natural and effortless interactions between a human user and a UAV, thereby ushering in a new era of autonomous UAV interaction with its environment and human users.

Our technology
Detection and Tracking

Equipped with state-of-the-art human detection algorithm and fast tracking technologies, our flying camera is able to follow and focus on the target user. By analyzing the scene and the user, the intelligent camera is ready to capture every incredible moment in life.

Pose Recognition

Get tired of your awkward selfie stick?

Deep learning algorithm and heterogeneous computing technologies make our flying camera capable of parsing all kinds of users' poses and take actions according to predefined templates. Photography becomes easy, interactive, and entertaining!

Stereo Vision

By leveraging the depth information, the camera can perceive distance, fly over obstacles, follow users and capture the shining moments at any time!


SLAM technology has been an essential component of intelligent vehicles. It tells the vehicle where it is and where to go. With SLAM, the dream of autonomous flight comes true.

Leadership team
Yinian Mao
Founder & CEO

Ph.D. EE, University of Maryland. B.S. Tsinghua University

Qualcomm Research San Diego Outstanding Researcher Award

In the past, Dr. Mao led or was involved in the system design for multiple key R&D projects:Modem Self Authentication for Snapdragon chipsets,MPEG DASH,Snapdragon Transport Accelerator, and Context-aware mobile computing.

Dr. Mao is also known as a prolific inventor, as shown by his more than 30 U.S. and world patents, which are highly valued.

Yang Ran
Chief Scientist

Ph.D. EE, University of Maryland. B.S. Tsinghua University

SAIC DARPA UAV Machine Vision Principal Investigator - Chief Scientist

DARPA UltraVis - Core algorithm engineer

UMD DARPA Grand Challenge - Algorithm engineer of Human detection and tracking

Tao Jin
Software Lead

Ph.D. CS, Northeastern Univ. B.S. Peking University

Google Fiber Software Engineer

Qualcomm R&D, Sr. Software Engineer

Software expertise in diverse areas: Robotics and drone, IoT, Connectivity management, Network optimization

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Building C #1111, Focus Square, No.6 Futong East Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100102, China