Intelligent and Versatile

Perfect flying tool for everyone.

Thrilled to Fly

Enthralling experience of flying like never before! Airlango is a brainchild of internationally recognized researchers in artificial intelligence. We got our roots developed in 2015 with the aim to strengthen the cord of interaction between a UAV and a human user.

With Mystic’s intelligent modes, it is easy to capture cinematic shots and group photos alike. Whether you are a first-timer or a pro, Mystic will let you enjoy the real thrill of flying.

When AI Meets Robotics

Mystic is an ultra-intelligent drone that comes with 5 intelligent modes. Perfect for pros and eye candy for first-time pilots. Its 3D tracking system is one of its kind, readily identifies the owner and keeps her at the center of attention.

Expect to experience the real potential of artificially intelligent drone that outshines the rest in the crowd. Gesture interaction feature lets you give all the commands with the wave of a hand. Pack your bags for next expedition, capture moments with our UAV & add vibrancy to your traveling experience.